Al-Khidmat Fareeda Yaqoob Hospital

Alkhidmat Fareeda Yaqoob Hospital established under the patronage of Mr. Niamatullah Khan Advocate (Ex-City Nazim, Karachi) It started its Journey in June 2014, completed its construction in January 2016 & started OPD setup in May 2016.

Currently we are providing consultant clinics, 24 hours Maternity & NICU, Laboratory, Blood Bank, Pharmacy Services, we had Eye & Dental, Rehabilitation, Vaccination, X-Ray & Ultrasound Services. AKFYH caters the poor communities living besides Bin Qasim Town, Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Gaddap, Pipri, Shah Latif Town, Gharo, Dhabay Jee and District Thatta.

Providing Quality Health Services

AlKhidmat Fareeda Yaqoob Hospital has become phenomenal due to its round-the-clock availability of specialists.

Our Clinical Services

We offering the top notch services according to health related


Out Patient Deptartment

The functions of OPD including preventive, diagnostic curative and rehabilitative

Pediatrics Deptartment

The Pediatrics department consists of an OPD operated by different Pediatric consultants


Rehabilitation Deptartment

Department of Physiotherapy is a model of excellence by providing patient-centered care through evidence based practice

Eye Deptartment

At The Eye Clinic we pride ourselves on a short wait times for patients